I graduated from University College Cork in 2018 with a BA (Joint Hons) in Folklore and Celtic Civilisation. I set up this blog (and facebook page of the same name) with the intention of bringing the varied and rich corpus of Irish folk traditions to a wider audience. I try, with all of my own work to take an academic approach, while at the same time keeping it accessible to the non-academic reader.

All aspects of folklore and tradition will be covered (such as stories, legends, storytelling, material culture, herbs and healing, fairy lore, folk magic, religious pilgrimages, placename lore and seasonal folklore to name but a few) as well as any Irish history and mythology that would be applicable to the theme of the page.

I have been published in magazines such as Celtic guide and Mythology magazine and have given a number of public talks as well as recently giving a talk at the online conference “Fairy lore and Practice” hosted by Land, Sea and Sky.

Please feel free to follow the page on facebook as there will be much more contentshared on there from other sources. I hope you enjoy my articles and thank you for following and taking the time to read and share my articles

Shane Broderick.